Wild immersive adventure on the River Sile by kayak

Treviso has everything you could want from a mid-sized Venetian city: medieval city walls, lots of pretty canals, narrow cobbled streets and church frescoes.

Despite this, it receives few visitors, eclipsed by its better marketed neighbors. If you want to experience authentic Veneto life away from the tourist crowds, this is a great place to visit.

An added bonus is that Treviso is next to the Sile River, a stunning natural environment worth a visit by canoe, especially to see protected birds and flourishing nature.

In fact, the Regional Natural Park of the Sile River covers an area of 4,152 hectares, including  11 counties, distributed between in the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice.

The area of the springs is located between Casacorba di Vedelago (Treviso) and Torreselle di Piombino Dese (Padua), where we find the headwaters of the longest resurgent river in Italy; its length is about 70 km from Casacorba di Vedelago (Treviso) to Portegrandi di Quarto d’Altino (Venice) to the natural end of the river Sile in the Venice Lagoon.

Since ancient times, the mild climate of the area, the navigability of the waters, the proximity to the sea, the abundance of springs and the rich woodland of the surrounding area attracted people who stopped along its banks.

Duration: 4 hours


required condition


Sile River Natural Park with the “Cimitero dei Burci”, spritz experience


Descent of the lower part of the Sile river, from Silea to Quarto d’Altino (18 km)
We will meet in Silea, the starting point of our excursion where you will become familiar with your canoe and with all the rest of the material we provide. Our guide will explain all the maneuvers to do to go down the river safely.

Finally, we start the descent, paddling in the beautiful waters of the Sile river, immersed in a natural setting from another, more ancient time.
The first stop will be a visit by canoe to the famous “Cimitero dei burci“, an archaeological site of historical and cultural interest, where between the years 1974-75, 13 traditional river transport boats (called “burci”) typical of the Po Valley were abandoned.

Halfway, we will take a short aperitif break to sip a good Aperol spritz together and stretch our legs. The day continues in canoe along the various inlets and loops of the Sile river up to reach Quarto d’Altino final destination of this tour.


The closest airport is Treviso. From there you can get a taxi, bus or train to reach your departure point (further information will be provided in the answer to your initial request.

Our canoes and materials

At FRT we know that a good paddling experience requires good equipment comma so we have tried to make as few compromises as possible. We want to work with the best type of boat for each environment. That is why we provide different styles of boats depending on the tour.

On river experiences we will use canoes, better for longer distances and some current.
Our canoes are usually made out of pvc material, very strong and steady to facilitate movement in a river.

Paddles and life vests will be always given to you, together with waterproof bags for the things you want to bring along on the tour.

You should all be reasonably fit for the tour you want to do … more info

Price: Euro 87,00 per person

Included in the tour

  • One of our guides
  • canoe
  • waterproof bag
  • life vest and paddle
  • One aperitif drink

NOT included in the tour

  • remaining meals and drinks
  • tips and personal extras
  • anything not specified in “Included in the tour”