Discover amazing Italian cities from the water side.

No matter if you are a single-solo traveller, a family or a group of friends. Come with us to sample a fabulous open-air experience surrounded by nature.

Italy, with more than 1200 rivers, has great potential in terms of waterways heritage. Most rivers have been abandoned over the centuries, as other ways of transportation for goods became available. Also, most of them are not wide enough to welcome bigger boats. Today you can re-discover these small, quiet areas, without stress and in the most relaxing and eco-friendly way possible: canoeing! Are you ready to kayak in Italy together?

Venice : the city of water

Discover Venice in a completely novel way: along quiet canals and in some of its six neighborhoods, while listening to ancient stories and tasting the authentic, local Italian aperitif.

Mantua and the Gonzaga

Multi-day trips: kayaking in Mantua, the Mincio River and downtown Mantua, enriched over the centuries with the architectural oeuvres erected by the Gonzaga family.

Treviso and the Sile river

Two day long tour: explore the city of Treviso with its medieval city walls, pretty canals and narrow cobbled streets. Furthermore, discover the Sile river regional park and its ancient watermills.

Venice to the Dolomites

Follow the river back: Venice to the Dolomites! Multi-day outdoor tour including rafting, hiking and biking all around Veneto region between sport, culture, history and culinary specialties

Planning your trip

Fun River Travels supplies all basic canoeing equipment. You should bring sports clothes and shoes suitable for paddling, a change of clothes for afterwards, and protective items for outdoor activities, such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses … read more

Required skills

Canoeing requires some basic skills in order to be done safely. We recommend that you chose the shorter tour if you have little experience …. read more