After we received the email with your request, you will get more detailed information to complete your booking. Once your booking is complete you will get the last specific details to prepare for the tour’s starting day.

Planning your trip
FRT supplies all basic canoeing equipment. You should bring sports clothes and shoes suitable for paddling, a change of clothes for afterwards, and protective items for outdoor activities, such as sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Clothing should be synthetic or wool. We do not suggest cotton garments while paddling, as it will feel very cold when wet.

Your FRT guide often brings a waterproof camera and takes photos or/and videos of you during the tour that might be later used for commercial purpose (if you don’t like this please comunicate it to your tour guide before the departure). You can also bring your own camera or mobile device. However, we don’t recommend bringing a device that is not waterproof.

Required skills
Canoeing requires some basic skills in order to be done safely. We recommend that you chose the shorter tour if you have little experience.

Prior paddling or rowing experience is not required but preferred on our tours. We expect you have basic paddling skills. You should at the very least have tried canoeing before a few times. However, our tours start in a quiet areas where we’ll give you a bit of instruction in how to navigate properly.

In a canoe you’re sitting at the water’s edge, so it is essential that you all feel safe close to water and to know how to swim. It is almost impossible not to get at least your hands wet. While capsizes aren’t common on our tours, they can happen, and in that case it is important not to panic, and either hold on to the canoe or swim to the nearest shore. You should all be reasonably fit for the tour you want to do.

Passport and Visas
International travel requires a passport. Visas are required to travel from some countries.

Travel arrangements
We do not yet offer flight reservation service from/to abroad, so feel free to book it on your own. In the last email you will get all details about how to get from the closest airport to the tour’s starting point.

Insurance and contract
Due to the short length of our tours we do not usually provide travel insurance, so feel free to get your own before the departure.