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Thanks for taking so good care of us (I was afraid you would have given me a pinch like the gondoliers seams to do).

Elisabeth Brown
, Venice tour

Never thought I could find myself in in the middle of water in Venice. Great experience. Thanks Alvin!

Jonathan Collier
, Dolomites tour

Han sido unos dias estupendos. Que bonita que es Italia. Gracias

Carmen Delgado
, Mantova Tour

When I felt in the water, I was really upset. Now remebering it, I just have to laugh. Thanks for the great tour.

Virginia Sasmson
, Treviso tour

You should try to build more homogeneous group. There was a lazy couple in the tour, that have slow down all our travel. We could have done much more.

Angelica Lopez
, Mantova Tour

Thanks for you patient . I was not really fit. I really enjoyed the tour. In my future holidays I would like to do more like this.

Jennifer Wilson
, Treviso Tour

Was fun to paddling in the nature. My best part was to learn about the history of Treviso through the anecdotes you gave us.

Charlotte Slisser
, Mantova Tour

SUPER!!!. Just a suggestion : keep your timing on schedule. I arrived late to my booked train in Verona ;-(

Jason Morrison
, Dolomites tour

Giro in kayak piaciuto molto! Bella esperienza che consiglierei a tutti di provare. È stato interessante aver potuto sperimentare sia il singolo che il doppio:due modi diversi di vivere qst 'avventura. L'abbinamento sport e natura io lo adoro, quindi è stato davvero fantastico poter cimentarmi col kayak percorrendo il favolo Sile. Istruttore ed equipe eccezionali: gentili, solari, simpatici e disponibili oltre ad essere, ovviamente,competenti!!! Grazie 🙂

Sara Rasotto
, Treviso Tour

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