Treviso & the Sile river

Multi-day trips: kayaking in Treviso, the Sile River and city center

Itinerary summary

Treviso has everything you could want from a mid-sized Venetian city: medieval city walls, lots of pretty canals, narrow cobbled streets and church frescoes.

Despite this, it receives few visitors, eclipsed by its better marketed neighbors. If you want to experience authentic Veneto life away from the tourist crowds, this is a great place to visit.

An added bonus is it is next to the Sile River, a stunning natural environment worth a visit by canoe, especially to see protected birds and flourishing nature.


Sile River Natural Park, Treviso city center, Quarto d’Altino, Badoere.

Day by day Itinerary

Day 1: Independent arrival in Quarto d’Altino and check-in at the hotel. Later we will have brief introductions, a welcome drink and dinner together.

Day 2: Transfer from the hotel to Badoere, canoe to Treviso and relax at the hotel swimming pool. Dinner on your own.

Day 3: We start with a guided tour of Treviso city center (about 1 hour), then canoe to Quarto d’Altino and arrivederci!


The closest airport is Treviso. From there you can get a taxi, bus or train to reach your departure point (further information will be provided in the answer to your initial request.


Our canoes and materials
At FRT we know that a good paddling experience requires good equipment comma so we have tried to make as few compromises as possible. We want to work with the best type of boat for each environment. That is why we provide different styles of boats depending on the tour.

On river experiences we will use canoes, better for longer distances and some current.
Our canoes are usually made out of pvc material, very strong and steady to facilitate movement in a river.

Paddles and life vests will be always given to you, together with waterproof bags for the things you want to bring along on the tour.

Trip preparation

After you send us an email with your request, you will get more detailed information to complete your booking. Once your booking is complete you will get the last specific details to prepare for the tour’s starting day.

Passport and Visas

International travel requires a passport. Visas are required to travel from some countries.

Travel arrangements

We do not yet offer flight reservation service from/to the US, so feel free to book it on your own. In the last email you will get all details about how to get from the closest airport to the tour’s starting point.

Insurance and contract

Due to the short length of our tours we do not usually provide travel insurance, so feel free to get your own before the departure. Attached to the next informational email you will find a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding Release of Liability, Assumption of all Risks, and Arbitration Agreement and completed Personal Information forms. You are required to sign all documents to participate.

Cancellation Policies

Departures for our tours are guaranteed with 4 or more participants. Multi-days trips allow up to 12 participants. If we are unable to run the tour we will either refund you or help you planning an alternative date.

A tour should not go if conditions are not unsafe.  FRT will would rather cancel a tour than putting our guests and guides at risk. Any cancellation is decided by the guide in charge of the tour, based on the updated weather conditions. If we wall be are unable to run the tour for these reasons we will either refund you or help you plan an alternative date.

Lodging and dining

Our typical accomodations are three to four star charming hotels, double occupancy with a private bathroom. A limited number of single rooms are available on most trips for a suplemental fee and requests are usually confirmed at the time of reservation. If you are willing to share your room with another guest, we will try to arrange that, but we can not guarantee that.

Please comunicate to us your special dietary requests at the moment you reserve and we will do our best to accomodate this working with the restaurant Chef.


Price: Euro 570,00 (2 days trip) per person

What’s always included

– one of our guides
– canoe or packraft
waterproof bag
– life vest and paddle
sights and events
– gratuity

Plus on Multi-days Tours
– transfers during the trip
– hand-picked hotels
– continental breakfasts
– one great group dinner
special dining requests